A Guide to Selecting a Knife Set

Whether you are an experienced or a novice when it comes to cooking you need a knife set to use around your kitchen. Before you run out and buy the first set that you see on sale, there are a few things you should consider before making a purchase. Just like anything else on the market today, there are various features, sizes, qualities, and brands of cutlery available.

You can either purchase a set of knives in a package or buy individual knives and put them together to create your own set. Some companies allow you to create your own package in order to meet your cooking needs.

Consider the different types and styles of knives and then ask yourself if you will use that type frequently. If the answer is yes, then it should be purchased. If no, save your money.

Types of Kitchen Knives

The small paring knife is short bladed and used for peeling fruits, potatoes and for dicing almost anything. For most people the paring knife is a must in any set. The carving knife is another must have, it is made to carve and cut different types of meats. The bread knife is a long bladed knife that is serrated and it is good for cutting more that just bread. These are 3 of the must haves.

Depending on if you eat meat, steak knives are nice compliment. Most families need at least 6. These are great for cutting every day items as well. The chef knife does a variety of things. It can cut big portions of meat, slice up fresh veggies and everything in between. Most skilled cooks will own at least one chef’s knife.

In order to properly store your set you will need a wood block. The wood block protects all of your knives from being damaged and while they are drying. Please note some sets are dishwasher safe and others are hand wash only!

The Best Knife Features

The material knives are made from can vary, however for most kitchens carbon steel blades are the best choice because they are both affordable and appropriate. Steel blade knife sets are easy to sharpen and are made to last for many years. For anyone serious about cooking, you should consider ceramic blades instead. These blades are much sharper, but they must be meticulously maintained.

The tang of a knife is the part of the knife that goes into the handle. A good tip is to look for set where the blades have a full tang. This is when the tang goes all the way to the butt of the handle, which is a sign of good quality.

The handle can be made of a variety of materials. It can be made with plastic, wood and stainless steel. A wooden handle will last for years and is easy to maintain. A stainless steel knife is a bit better than a wooden handle because it will last for several years and will look like new 10 years from the day you purchased it.

A good warranty is a must when purchasing anything, but especially when the product is expensive. Look for at least a one year warranty to protect you from any manufacture defects. A name brand is always a safe choice when purchasing kitchen knives.

When you are shopping for your next set of knives keep these things in mind. Remember to purchase the knives that you will often use. You cannot go wrong choosing a steel blade as they are readily available. Wooden or stainless steel handles are both great picks. Research the name brands of the knife so you know what you are getting. Finally, choose a set that has a good warranty to protect your investment. We hope you have enjoyed reading our guide to selecting the best kitchen knives for your home, please take a look at some of the reviews we have written.